Product Salesman  or  Fiduciary Advisor?

Sophisticated Investors Know the Difference.

You Should Too!

Product Salemen:

While few realize it, most investors manage their financial lives working with product salesmen (Stockbrokers, Financial Consultants, Insurance Agents) selling them investment and insurance products.  These salesmen are compensated for their efforts by earning commissions on the products they sell you.  Therefore, the advice you receive and the products they promote pose a significant conflict of interest.  While this arrangement may work well in the arena of car sales, we believe it is less likely to be appropriate when managing your family’s financial well-being.

Fiduciary Advisor:

Savvy investors mitigate this conflict of interest by engaging a “fee-only” advisor that acts in a “fiduciary capacity.”  That is, the advisor is bound by the rule of law to act always in the client’s best interest.  McAllister Capital Management is compensated on a fee-basis exclusively and acts always in a fiduciary capacity.  This is the only way we have done business since our inception in January, 1995.